Hilltop Golf – Conveniently located near Alexandria Homes for Sale

Hilltop Golf Course Alexandria Homes for Sale

Alexandria Homes for Sale

Hilltop Golf Club in Alexandria, VA is a convenient course to stop during your hunt for Alexandria homes for sale.  It has a large practice facility and a 9 hole course.  The lighted driving range, practice green and bunker complex is open year round.  The course was the creation of award winning architect,  Lindsay Bruce Ervin, who also designed Queenstown Harbor in Maryland, Hog Neck Golf Course on the Eastern Shore and Birdwood Golf Course at the University of Virginia.  The course was well maintained and played quickly.

The course is located only a few minutes from Fort Belvoir in southern Alexandria.  The course is perfect for a late afternoon round of golf.  Nine holes can be completed comfortably in less than 90 minutes.  For more details, visit the course website at http://www.hilltopgolfclub.com.

The Pentagon Move team works with Keller Williams Alexandria Kingstown to provide our customers with hyper-local information in the Norther Virginia area. We specialize in Springfield homes for sale but we also have an excellent knowledge of the market in Fairfax, Burke, Franconia, Alexandria, and Annadale. Contact us today to get a customized search setup that meets your specific real estate needs. Not only do we deal with Springfield homes for sale, but we can help you rent or find a rental, or we can manage your property.


Georgetown -Great afternoon trip after looking for springfield homes for sale

Springfield homes for sale

Springfield Homes for Sale

One of our favorite trips to make in the late afternoon is traveling to Georgetown for a walk and dinner. On the weekend, its an easy trip we made while we were looking for Springfield homes for sale. The route from Springfield to Georgetown passes the Pentagon, great views of the Potomac, and the finishes up with slow drive down the main street in Georgetown. If drive east after you cross the bridge you can look for parking along the water. You have to pull in backwards in this area so don’t be the guy doing the 50 point turn to get into your spot. Worst case there are several garages that will park your car for $10-15.

Either way, walk downhill towards the river and enjoy the greenbelt. There is a fountain in the middle that kids can play in during the summer time or adults can try to run under the water spray. You can look to the west and see a beautiful sunset over the bridge leading into Georgetown. Bring some pieces of bread for the hundreds of ducks that sit right off the edge of the water. Once your done with your walk, head back up the hill for great shopping and dinner. Because we have 3 children we usually do more dinner than shopping.

The main drag is packed with all types of restaurants and bars. We have eaten at a great tapas restaurant called Bodega. If you want burgers and beer head down to Thunder Burger. They have enough big screen TV’s to see the game and the burgers are amazing. Its definitely not a cheap dinner, but there really is no such thing in Georgetown. Once your done with dinner you can head home and start thinking about all the Springfield homes for sale that you looked at in the morning.

The Pentagon Move team works with Keller Williams Alexandria Kingstown to provide our customers with hyper-local information in the Norther Virginia area. We specialize in Springfield homes for sale but we also have an excellent knowledge of the market in Fairfax, Burke, Franconia, Alexandria, and Annadale. Contact us today to get a customized search setup that meets your specific real estate needs. Not only do we deal with Springfield homes for sale, but we can help you rent or find a rental, or we can manage your property.

DC Things to Do – Military Free Parking at Washington Nationals

 DC Things to Do – Learn How Military Can Park Free during Washington Nationals’ Games

Since my DC military relocation, I quickly found myself a Washington Nationals fan and have enjoyed numerous games.  The ballpark, conveniently located in southeastern part of the city is easy to visit via Metro (Navy Yard Stop) or by driving.  Parking is available near the stadium, but it will cost you around $25.  However, if you have a Military Base Decal on your vehicle you can take advantage of military free parking at Washington Nationals games by parking at the nearby Navy Yard for free!  Not only is the parking free, the walk to the stadium along the new, scenic riverwalk is great!  The Navy Yard website provides a quick note about the free parking and requirements, however, the site fails to provide the hyper-local information valuable to residents new to the area due to their military relocation.  When you visit the area searching for your Northern Virginia home in preparation for your DC military relocation, schedule time to take in a Nationals game.  After selecting a Nationals’ Game as one of your DC things to do, use the instructions below to learn how to take advantage of free parking at the navy yard during your next outing to a Washington Nationals baseball game.


Free Parking Details:

A DoD CAC card, Retiree or Dependent ID card, and DoD vehicle decal are required for entry (Non-DoD guests may be escorted)

(If you are driving to the stadium via I-395, use the 6th St SE exit to avoid most of the game traffic.)

1- The Navy Yard Gate is located at the Intersection of “M St SE and Isaac Hull Ave”

2.  Drive south on Isaac Hull Ave and turn left into parking garage. (***NOTE:  Park only in spaces marked with white***)

3.  Walk from the Parking Garage and follow Isaac Hull Ave south toward the river (Follow the “blue route” on the map below.  You will exit through a Pedestrian turnstile.  Walk west (right turn after turnstile) along the riverwalk towards the stadium.

4.  Enjoy the game!

5.  After the game, exit the street near the right field exit and follow the “red route” on the map below to return to the Navy Yard Gate following the game.
Directions to and from Free Navy Yard Parking

(Blue=route to stadium & Red=return route to garage)

View Nationals Navy Yard Parking in a larger map


For additional parking options, click here visit the Washington Nationals’ website.

Riverwalk Images

National Air and Space Museum Annex

Space Shuttle Columbia

National Air and Space Museum Annex

A great place for free family entertainment is the National Air and Space Museum Annex near Dulles International Airport. The giant hangar was designed to provide enough space to display the giant airplanes and space craft that can’t fit in the museum at the National Mall. I found this museum to be more impressive than the one downtown. It felt like there were significantly more displays and the big ticket items were very impressive.

Space Shuttle Columbia

The centerpiece of the museum is the display straight ahead as you walk in the door. The Space Shuttle Discovery is an amazing machine to see in person. Most people don’t realize just how big a space shuttle really is until you see this up close and personal. There are lots of satellites and surface-to-air missiles on display surrounding the space shuttle.

The Concorde

The museum also contains the Concorde which was the only super sonic airliner ever built. The aircraft was capable of flying a hundred passengers faster than the speed of sound safely across the Atlantic Ocean. The Concorde could make the run from London to New York in 4 hours at a top speed of 1350 miles an hour. The aircraft was retired in 2003 of because of high fares and low occupancy.

Enola Gay

The Enola Gay is another interesting airplane to be near. This was one of the B-29 Superfortresses that dropped two atomic bombs in WWII on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was one of the most advanced aircraft of its time .

Pentagon Move Tips

While admission is free to the National Air and Space Museum Annex, parking is $15 a car for visitors. If you arrive at the museum after 4pm parking is free, which can save some money if your traveling with a large family.

The Museum also has a control tower where you can listen to air traffic controllers directing airplanes into Dulles. This was a huge letdown during a slow period of air traffic in the area. Long lines can form at the elevator to get to this attraction. If you don’t have a lot of time, skip this part of the museum all together.

If you are looking for this level of local knowledge from a real estate professional then give a member of the Pentagon Move team a call at 571-429-3511. We provide our customers with hyper-local knowledge of the real estate market in Northern Virginia. You can visit our website at Pentagonmove.com to find out more for your military relocation.

DC Military Relocation – Pentagon Commute Options

Pentagon Commute Options

Washington DC Commute Options

Washington DC Commute Options

While searching for you new home in preparation for your military relocation to the Pentagon, Washington DC consider all your commute options.  The primary methods of commuting to the Pentagon are the following: Metro (subway), bus, train (VRE), slug, or drive your own vehicle.  Each method has its pros and cons, and varies in convenience based on the where you choose buy or rent your home.  For example, homes for sale in the Springfield or Alexandria offer a flexible commute option since all commute options are nearby.  However, if you decide to purchase or rent your home in Woodbridge, the subway is not a valid option.  Woodbridge has a large commuter lot with free parking that is serviced by buses and sluggers.  The commute time using the bus or slugging from the Woodbridge commuter lot will be around 40 to 45 minutes. Also, government or military employees that use public transportation qualify for a monthly subsidy.  The benefit is currently capped at $125 per month.  Expect a future post on signing up for the subsidy early to ensure you don’t miss your first month of benefits.  Of note, if you receive the transportation subsidy you will not be issued a Pentagon parking permit.  If you have questions about commuting to the Pentagon or commute options from the area you would like to buy or rent a home contact send your question in an email to pentagonmove@gmail.com.  For more details on commuting via bus from Springfield visit view the following post:  http://pentagonmove.com/?p=743


Metrobus A convenient pentagon commute

Pentagon Commute using Bus

Convenient Pentagon commute using the Metro Bus

Metro Bus – A convenient Pentagon commute to consider during your military relocation to NOVA

While preparing for a military relocation to the Pentagon, Washington DC searching the numerous listings of homes for sale in Northern Virginia (NOVA) can be a daunting task.  One key element to consider when deciding where to live is how you will commute to work.  In most cases, using public transportation will be more convenient than fighting the traffic each day.  As such, almost everyone immediately looks for homes near a metro stop.  However, few people realize that in many cases express buses provide more convenient and a faster commute option.  For example, as you are browsing the homes for sale in Springfield, Va note the locations of the bus stops in relation to the home.  The 18H, 18G, and 18P bus routes service the Pentagon-Springfield.  Commute times range between 15 to 40 minutes depending on where the home is along the route.  Adding to the convenience of commuting using the bus is the installation of GPS.  Busing tracking using the integrated GPS allows you to use your smartphone to determine arrival times within 2 minutes of the bus arrival.  I use the 18H bus and have a consistent travel time of 18-21 minutes each way.  For additional information and bus route details visit Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) website:  http://www.wmata.com.

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